10 benefits of working from home

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As we’ve long known, remote work has a host of advantages for workers. We’re listing out 10 ways that will be beneficial because of working from home—some you may already be aware of, and some that may open your eyes even more to remote work’s impact on employers, employees, the economy, and the planet.

Flexible Schedule:

Many remote jobs also come with a flexible schedule which means that workers can manage their schedules as long as they get the job done. The ability to have control over your work schedule can be invaluable when it comes to the needs of your personal life, whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, having to run errands or even having an online fitness class in the morning.

Less Commute Stress:

Not having to wake up, get ready and stress about how much traffic the roads are going to have, or worrying about losing the bus or the train it’s absolutely awesome. Also studies showed that commuting is associated with increased stress, anxiety; and for someone that commutes more than 20 km to work every day; with health issues such as high cholesterol, elevated blood sugar and increase of depression.

So how about we stick to the route bed, home office and back to bed?

Money Saving:

Of course you’ll see an immediate difference in your bank account when you don’t need to bear the cost of commuting. But you’ll also find saving in other areas. You won’t have to force yourself into fancy suits and polished shoes every day, you won’t have to separate your work clothes from your regular clothes anymore and of course you will not have to spend unnecessary money on lunch food and coffee; you can just make them at home for half the price.

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Cozy Clothes:

On the previous point we said about how we are never wearing expensive clothes again. Well the time of the sweatpants is finally here. Get ready to wear your old hoodies and your oversized jumpers. Now is the time to be comfortable so please enjoy it.

You can have Enjoyable and Effective meetings:

I bet you don’t know anyone who enjoys meetings. (No amount of free coffee and donuts can make up for having to sit in a stuffy conference room for 45 minutes) But when you work from home you’ll not only be able to choose your own breakfast and your seat, but also you can secretly wear your jokers. No one can see them underneath your desk right? But beside the comfy things you can also be more effective. With just few clicks, you can have more than 10 people on video call that’ll probably last just 15 minutes instead of 45. And you can use that chat function to share opinions, ideas and even documents (forget making copies for everyone or having them search their emails).

You can keep in touch more effectively:

Because you don’t have everyone around you all the time, you become much more aware of the importance of keeping in touch. Instead of just knowing that you can pop around the corner to chat with a colleague of yours, you know that you need to write to them or even video chat with them. So, either in the process of composing your message or planning the meeting, you’ll refine your thoughts and questions and end up saving time for the both of you when you do have that discussion.   

No office distractions:

It’s so much easier to focus when you don’t have the distractions that happen in the office all around you. No more chatty coworkers and no more sirens wailing outside the widow. Now you are in the isolation of your own space with just yourself. So make the best of it. 

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A Customizable Office:

Being able to create a comfortable home office is an excellent benefit of remote work. Whether you simply want a more comfortable chair, or you just like to jazz up your office. Having the opportunity to create something that makes you feel more productive in it it’s actually more beneficial than just working on a plane grey cabinet in the middle of the office place. So set your office up and get to work.

Custom Environment:

By working from home you have the ability to choose where you want to work. It can either be your home office or the café on the other side of your city. You can choose to blast the music to the maximum or work with a movie playing on the background. The world is your oyster when you are able to work from home. So take advantage of it and once in a while change your scenery. It might bring out your productivity.  

Positive Environmental Impact:

By working from home you don’t have to get to work every day. By not going to work you don’t use busses, trains, metros and cars. All this are impacting the environment and by not using them we pollute our environment a little bit less. So by working from home we have a positive impact on the environment.

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